Welcome to our October Newsletter. Bulk earthworks are a big part of many DIG IT projects so we thought we'd share with you some details around what they are exactly. Also, for anyone entering into a new business relationship, we're sharing some great information on steps you can take to ensure a good experience.

As always, we hope you enjoy the read. 
Do you hear this term batted around a bit? Are you interested to know what bulk earthworks actually are? When people mention those words, do you wonder what exactly they are referring to and what types of projects require such work? OR maybe you have a project in your sights that you think might need bulk earthwork carried out? If any of these sound familiar, read on...

Bulk earthworks include the removal, moving or adding of large quantities of soil or rock from a particular area to another. They are carried out in order to make an area a suitable height and level for the construction of a building. The way they are carried out are by cutting into, or excavating, an area of ground or by constructing a new area.

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It's pretty exciting, the prospect of embarking on a new business relationship, whether it be with a client, supplier or contractor, but at the same time it can be quite a nerve-wracking time; from the worry of any disputes that might arise and how you'll deal with them to the "what if I don't get paid" concerns.

Well, if you're a business working in the building and construction industry, business.gov.au have documented a few tips on being savvy when it comes to entering into any new deals: ones which we've found very on point so wanted to share with you!
1. Do your research - Doing a background check on the client or contractor can give you peace of mind or alert you to potential issues.

2. Are they an employee or contractor? -  It's important you get this right because it affects your tax, super and other obligations.
3. Discuss payment up front - Chasing money can be a difficult and time consuming task so discussing money early on can help combat any future issues that might arise.

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A recent job that we have been working on, alongside Constec Constructions, is this one at Wunulla Road in Point Piper. The project has involved a full demolition, along with bulk excavation of 4 metres beneath the existing building footprint.

Detailed excavation and piling has then taken place for the construction of a new two storey, plus basement, residential dwelling.