Community & Environment, Health & Safety

Supporting the Community

DIG IT Civil is committed to supporting the local community. On every project, we work closely with our client, their surrounding neighbours, council and community stakeholders to minimise the impact of our works on the community. We do this by developing strategies to manage dust, noise and disruption to traffic and ultimately, to help build better communities.

Our team of qualified experts have a wealth of experience in residential gardens, parks, playgrounds, car parks and access roads. We work with universities, councils, hospitals, estates, government departments and property developers in Sydney to create safe and functional environments for the local community.

The Environment

DIG IT Civil is dedicated to being a socially responsible business, committed to considering the protection of the environment, community and clients at large. We understand that the environment is of the upmost importance, ensuring future generations will have the same quality of life we enjoy currently. We have a proven Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure that all our work practices have minimal impact on the environment. We recycle where possible which includes, separating brick and concrete to be recycled into road base, selling good quality wood to timber merchants and mulching other wood products and green waste. We use best work practices to ensure that we are a sustainable business with environmental sustainability top of mind in all projects and work that we complete. 


DIG IT Civil has an amazing team of committed and enthusiastic staff. We ensure that our staff completely understand that safety is key in every project that they undertake. We are dedicated to providing a safe work site to our clients by regularly updating our safety procedures, policies and processes and providing induction and training to all employees and site visitors.

We only provide equipment that is safe and properly maintained. Upon request, we can provide all Work Cover Licenses which are all part of our Workplace Health & Safety Act 2011.

DIG IT Civil carries a Restricted Demolition License and in each and every demolition project we will:

  • Notify WorkCover at least 7 working days before commencement of each demolition and excavation project.
  • Only start excavation and demolition work following stamped approval from WorkCover and council approvals.
  • Adhere to any, and all, relevant codes of practice and standards as they relate to the OH&S Act 2000, the WH&S Act 2011 and Australian Standards AS2601.
  • In collaboration with industry experts, our team will ensure that all underground utilities are located and disconnected before any works begin. Detailed excavation will be completed safely around utilities, drainage and electrical services, in line with applicable regulations. We will work within the asset protection, tree and work hours outlined in your Development Application (DA) and other permits required by your local council.