Rock Sawing, Hammers & Grinders

DIG IT Civil has an extensive range of rock saws, hammers and grinders to suit your projects needs.

Rock saws deliver an efficient, accurate solution to excavate rock for structural foundations built on challenging materials. They are ideal as they have low noise levels and reduced vibration making them ideal for demolition projects that require minimal noise from council. They are also recommended for projects that are in older style properties, close proximity to residents, workers, vehicles, hospitals and the local community as they provide minimal disturbance. 

DIG IT operators are qualified and highly experienced in using rock saw, hammer and grinder attachments. The precision of our machines means there is minimal damage to the property, while low noise levels mean you can continue excavation within DA-approved hours if required.

Rock Sawing Services

DIG IT Civil manage detailed excavations with very little noise or vibration, making them ideal for older buildings and sensitive environments. Applications include:

  • Detailed rock excavation
  • Trenches and pits
  • Wall and boundary sawing
  • Strip footings and beam foundation excavation

The width of the saw cuts can be adjusted, depending on your application. Our rock saws are available in a range of diameters and will cut to the depth that suits your needs. Each of our rock saws offers modern safety features including reversible blade spin, rapid automatic blade brakes and adjustable shields. The saws can be mounted on excavators from 1.7 tonnes up to 24 tonnes.

Rock Hammer Services

DIG IT Civil’s range of hammers is a great solution for breaking through rock and concrete quickly and precisely. Our hammers are available to fit our skid steers, backhoes and excavators, with applications including:

  • Demolition of buildings, concrete slabs and foundations
  • Construction projects
  • Hard-rock bulk and detailed excavation

Rock Grinding Services

DIG IT Civil’s range of rock grinders cut through challenging materials with ease and offer a naturally weathered appearance to freshly excavated rock. Rock grinders are ideal for:

  • Tight access, where a saw or hammer can’t be used
  • Sensitive sites with very low vibration tolerance, such as heritage sites or hospitals
  • Digging service trenches and pits to achieve a uniform shape and depth
  • Cutting through hard rock with precision, to reduce machine time and over excavation, resulting in less backfilling or concrete

DIG IT Civil provides a large range of services for both residential and commercial projects. To find out how we can help you, please send us an enquiry or call now on 1800 344 448.