Hello and welcome to our first newsletter of 2021, here’s hoping this year runs a little more smoothly than the last and that you are keeping safe and healthy. This issue includes our brand new blog on the topic of brick v timber houses plus if you're thinking about having a pool installed, we can help with our helpful cost calculator.

So which of the two is easier to demolish – brick or timber?

Generally, timber houses are easier to demolish than brick houses. Here’s why.

  • Lighter debris – Timber is typically lighter than brick, which makes it easier to take down and remove off-site. There are even some timber materials that can be demolished manually with small tools. Brick, on the other hand, is heavier and much more solid, which means it often requires heavy tools and machinery to demolish.
  • Quick disassembly – Many parts of timber houses can be disassembled in parts and sections, making the demolition time shorter. Brick structures, meanwhile, often break apart in pieces, so they usually take longer to take down completely.
  • Easier to salvage – Because they can be taken down largely intact or in large pieces, timber materials are easier to salvage and recycle. Brick can also be recycled, but they often require more time to collect and process than timber materials.
Thinking of adding a swimming pool to your property?
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