No job is too complicated for Dig It Civil
Dig It Civil has been in operation for over 10 years this year and we have definitely faced some challenging projects over that time. Facing those projects head on we have learnt to think on our feet and outside the box, so when the inevitable roadblocks in our projects present themselves we are always prepared.

This month we highlight three of our most challenging projects, discussing how Dig It Civil proactively faced these challenges and successfully completed these jobs.

Over the past few months, Dig It Civil has been working hard at Johnston Street, Annandale carrying out the demolition, excavation and rock-sawing to accommodate for a remodel and renovation of a federation style home.

We excavated land for the remodel and created a feature wall for a multi-story car stacker. The restoration project needed precision rock sawing to present the sedimentary rock and shale for a natural artesian finish on the feature wall.

This restoration project saw our lightest excavator the 1.7 tonne machine, precision rock saw its way through approximately 250 tonnes of rock with our rock star Vlad at the wheel all the while keeping the façade of the building in its original state.

1. When did you join the Dig it Civil team?

I joined the team in July of 2013, about 5 years ago now! 

2. What is your role at Dig it Civil?

I'm a Civil Foreman. 

3. What do you enjoy about working at Dig it Civil? 

I enjoy working with the management team and the great bunch of operators and truck drivers. I love the diversity, completing a range of projects both challenging and unique from all shapes and sizes.

4. What has been your most memorable project? 

There has been a few projects at Dig It Civil that I have managed that have been both tricky and challenging.  I would have to say the most challenging was a 3 storey building demolition followed by full site retention and piling along with 10,000 cubic meter excavation in O'Connor street, Chippendale would be the stand out challenging project to date whilst working for Dig It Civil,

5. Before working at Dig it Civil, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
The most interesting job I've ever had would have to be operating surface mining and extraction machinery all over NSW.

6. What advice would you give to new staff?

I would like to welcome all new staff to our great company and I say the same thing to anyone that is new, and that is that the only stupid question, is the question they don't ask! As in it's better to ask for advice rather than potentially make a mistake that could have been prevented by asking a simple question.

7. What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I have a passion for the outdoors, spending pretty much every chance I get to go four wheel driving, camping and exploring with my partner and friends. I recently just got back from a 4 week trip up to Cape York the most northern point of the Australian continent and back to Sydney. It was a great adventure!