Welcome to our June Newsletter. Well, it's been a bit of a wet start to the month to say the least, but it hasn't stopped us from getting on with the tasks at hand! From Rose Bay to Hunters Hill, from Mosman to Woollahra, the DIG IT machines are still hard at work.

We hope that you enjoy this months newsletter and find the information insightful and interesting. If there's anything that you'd like to see or read about in our newsletters in the future, please feel free to let us know at info@digitcontracting.com.au. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Industry News | Check a Licence

Everybody loves an invention, a new app or a gadget of some kind to make like easier, right? Well the NSW Government are helping our industry out by having implemented a register listing holders of various licences. These include high risk work, asbestos & demolition work, as well as general construction induction training card holders. This register came about following an amendment to the WHS Regulation in December 2017.

The register has been designed to make managing a business easier by allowing businesses and consumers to check the validity of workers’ licences/cards and make informed decisions regarding contractors they are looking to hire.

As of 31 May 2018, the register now includes the licence/card holder’s name, licence number and type, licence status, the licence expiry date (if any), licence conditions, prosecution summaries and information about any penalty notices issued in connection with the licence. Read more.
Note: Only the penalty notices issued to licence holders by SafeWork NSW on or after 1 July 2018 will be published on the register.
A DIG IT Project | New South Head Road, Rose Bay
A project that we are currently working on, alongside Innovative Building Services, is this one on New South Head Road in Rose Bay. The below architectural shot is the stunning house that will be erected on the site after the dirt and dust from the DIG IT machines is well and truly gone!
The majority of bulk excavation on site has been completed, as has the piling. Once a concrete slab has been laid as the base for the house, we will begin tunneling underneath in preparation for the basement. Our work will see us on site for another two months.
Construction Tickets & Licences | What you need to know

The main ticket that people talk about when referring to the Construction Industry is the “White Card” which is awarded following general construction induction training. This is an extremely important ticket and you cannot work on a construction site in NSW without one.

There are however, a whole range of other tickets and licences that may be required in Sydney depending on the work being carried out. Over on our BLOG we've tried to help you out by outlining some of these tickets and how you can go about obtaining them. They include:

DIG IT staff take to the tracks
In search of some fun and for the DIG IT team to hang out away from the construction site and office, a Saturday in May was spent speeding round a go-kart track at Sydney's biggest Paintball, Go-Kart and Laser Tag Centre - each of us desperate for the win! Once we'd taken on the lanes and burned around the apex, we moved onto the awesome paintball arena, ducking, weaving and dodging masses of paint filled pellets from each other. What a great day!