Welcome to our July Newsletter. This month we bring you a demolition special! From a project that we're just wrapping up on to questions around whether to demolish and rebuild or just renovate.

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A DIG IT Project | Bulkara Avenue, Bellevue Hill
Over the past few months , DIG IT has been working hard at this residential site in Bellevue Hill carrying out the demolition of a one storey house with garage, as well as the piling & shoring and excavation for the construction of a new property.

This project has seen us remove approximately 25m2 of contaminated asbestos waste, 300 tonnes of brick, concrete and masonry, 2500 tonnes in bulk and detailed excavation of clean earth, sand and rock as well as 40 tonnes of general construction rubbish from the site.

Click here to see more photos from this project.
Demolition  |  A Unique Business
Demolition is a very unique business that requires a high level of experience and knowledge. Demolition contractors are usually the first people on any job and perform the important task of preparing the site for new construction.

They not only remove any asbestos or contaminants but they also remediate and clean the surrounding area to ensure that the new project or building will be safe for use. Demolishing any type of structure is a very professional and intricate process that requires an expert team.
As specialist demolition contractors ourselves, DIG IT is licenced to assess and remove asbestos and other hazardous materials as well as carry out all aspects of demolition, including residential houses, garages, commercial buildings and concrete and fibreglass swimming pools, to name but a few. For more details on how we can help you with your demolition project, click here.
To Renovate or Rebuild? Questions To Ask Yourself
When it comes to a home, there appears to be two types of people - the renovator and the new home builder.

The renovator loves the idea of breathing new life into an existing structure, changing the interior style of it and creating new stories and memories for the old walls to tell for years to come! The new home builder loves ‘brand new’. They love the idea of creating something from scratch to their exact requirements and they love that nobody has lived within those walls before.

Despite this, if you’re buying an older house, it’s not uncommon to be a bit torn between whether to demolish it and start from scratch, or whether to try and fix the existing house up. Click here for a few questions to ask yourself before making that big decision.