Welcome to our August Newsletter. This month we thought we'd share with you some of, what we think, are our best project photos of the year so far. It's been a busy year and we take hundreds of photos of the work we do but some, just stand out that little bit more. See what you think! 

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Industry News | The Self-Driving Skid Steer
We’ve all heard about self-driving cars and of flying cars that are apparently not far off of becoming reality in some parts of the world but what about construction industry machinery? Could the complexity of operating such heavy pieces of equipment, really be self-controlled?
The answer is yes! And Noah Ready-Campbell (ex Google engineer) and his start up company, Built Robotics are the ones paving the way!

Back in 2010, talk within Google turned to building self-driving cars and everybody thought it was a crazy notion, but seven years on, the technology is working.  So, with an interest in construction, stemming from his Father who worked as a general contractor, Ready-Campbell is getting in on the action and taking advantage of the dramatic advances in automation and going after the construction industry!

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A DIG IT Project | Chevalier Crescent, Hunters Hill
Over the past few months, DIG IT Civil has been working hard at this two storey property with pool and pool house at Chevalier Crescent in Hunters Hill carrying out a big strip out, demolition and excavation job.
Work on this project will see us demolish the basement garage, the external balcony, the front garden stairs and pathway, the entrance columns and pergola, as well as many internal walls. We will also be stripping the existing driveway, removing and disposing of trees, grass and vegetation as well as demolishing and removing the
existing pool coping pavers and landscape paving in preparation for a new concrete pool to be poured.

This project will see us remove approximately 300 tonnes of brick, concrete and masonry, 890 tonnes of clean earth, sand and rock as well as 50 tonnes of general waste from site.
Our Year So Far | In Photos
We are huge fans of visually recording the work that we do (some of which you can find over in our project gallery) and thought we'd share some of, what we think, are our best 2018 project photos so far.  From Annandale to La Perouse, from Mosman to Hunters Hill, take a look and see what you think!