Finding the right type of excavator for your needs.

Modern day excavators are very versatile. They’re often
multi-functional and multi-purpose coming in
different shapes, sizes and attachments depending on the particular requirements of your job. So how do you decide which excavator is right for your needs?

Excavators come in two different varieties; with tracks, and with wheels. If your project takes place on relatively flat ground with a hard surface such as concrete, or is located indoors, then the wheeled excavator is ideal. It has the kind of mobility and speed that suits this environment. The track excavator is more suited to difficult environments, such as uneven surfaces and hills, as it provides more grip and stability.

Over the past few months , Dig It Civil has been working hard at Euryalus Street, Mosman carrying out the demolition, landscaping, excavating and rock-sawing to create a foundations for an existing house.

This project saw us remove almost 2,000 tonnes of brick and concrete  from the excavation, plus general build waste and rubble from the demolition works.  
1.) When did you join the Dig It Civil team?
I have worked on and off for Dig It Civil since the beginning!

2) What is your role at Dig It Civil?
CA or Contracts Administrator
3) What do you enjoy about working at Dig It Civil?
The people; of all the places I have worked Dig It Civil is by far the best, there is a really great workplace culture here, everybody turns up to work and we all get on.

4) What has been your most memorable project working at Dig It Civil?
Working down at Breakfast Point and going water skiing with the builder in the afternoons after work.
5) Before working at Dig it Civil, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
I used to run a couple of clubs in New York and then Paris so I’ve seen my share of the interesting and unusual, I was also a janitor at a college for a little while.
6) What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 
I have a water-ski and I try and take it out for a paddle a couple of times a week.
Charlie Brock, taking out his water ski.
In celebration of our 10-year anniversary, we are highlighting one of our first projects, Breakfast Point. 

Breakfast Point, is a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, it is located 16 kilometres west of the Central Business District (CBD), in the local area of the City of Canada Bay.

This project was one of the earliest projects that Dig It Civil started working on in 2007, we were involved in the earthworks of the luxury housing , apartment development and the shoreline of the area..