Laura Street - Seaforth

Alongside GNC Quality, DIG IT Civil has been hard at work on Laura Street in the northern Sydney suburb of Seaforth. This project has involved the demolition of existing site dwellings, the removal of asbestos from site as well as excavation over 740m2 in preparation for the new development.

Rock saws deliver an efficient, accurate solution to excavate rock for structural foundations built on challenging materials. They are ideal as they have low noise levels and reduced vibration making them ideal for demolition projects that require minimal noise from council.

They are also recommended for projects that are in older style properties, close proximity to residents, workers, vehicles, hospitals and the local community as they provide minimal disturbance. 

DIG IT operators are qualified and highly experienced in using rock saw, hammer and grinder attachments. The precision of our machines means there is minimal damage to the property, while low noise levels mean you can continue excavation within DA-approved hours if required. Read more.
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