Want to add space and potential value to your property?

  • Published: Friday, 4 November 2016
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Under House Excavation

Want to add space and potential value to your property without annoying the neighbours with a big build that impacts their view?

Most home extensions either eat into backyard space or extend the height of the property by adding an extra storey or two. Carrying out an under house excavation and adding a basement level could be the answer.

Australia’s cities are becoming more and more crowded, thereby putting a premium on space. As a result, many home owners are digging deep to add a second or third level to their property and increasingly transforming basements into liveable spaces from gyms to home theatres to extra bedrooms and bathrooms.

To save on garden space, basements are typically converted into carparks. This often does not fully utilise the total space available under most houses.

Trust Dig It, the Excavation Experts

At Dig It Civil, with our large fleet of excavators, bobcats, posi-tracks and trucks, we are well equipped to carry out any job. As experts in excavation, we have carried out many under house excavations for clients all across Sydney.

Case Study: Two storey waterfront excavation, Birchgrove

In conjunction with Burmah Constructions, we worked with a young Sydney couple who wanted to turn their existing basement garage into a fully functional part of the house.

They were looking to create a space that all of the family could enjoy and that would also take in the breathtaking views that the rest of the house was currently enjoying.

The job entailed excavating from the double width garage at the back of the house, to the underutilised rumpus room at the front of the house.

The project took 5-6 weeks using one 1.5 tonne excavator, one small posi-track and one truck for the removal of approximately 140 cubic metres of rock.

The result of this project saw the family turn their two-storey house (with a semi-converted basement) into a fully liveable three-storey family home.


There are numerous benefits to adding extra space underneath your home. The three most common include:

  1. The addition of a basement can effectively add another level to your home, potentially allowing you to double the size of a single-storey house without increasing its footprint on the surface of the block.
  2. Homes with a basement level tend to achieve a higher price upon sale.
  3. Below-ground spaces maintain stable temperatures. They are warmer in winter and cooler in summer; perfect for families, cellars, storage or a variety of other uses.

Things to Consider

Unfortunately, not everyone can develop down. Three key considerations include:

  1. The type of soil: if the soil is reactive or volatile, there may be basalt that would impede excavation.
  2. Adequate ventilation and natural light: both are requirements for sub-ground living spaces.
  3. Appropriate drainage: drainage is an important component to maintain the foundations of any building.
If you are considering under house excavation and would like some friendly, helpful and expert advice, call Dig It Civil today on 1800 344 448.