Demolition involves destructing old and unsafe buildings to pave way for a new construction. A demolition job requires the expert services of a demolition company that’s equipped with equipment like a loader wrecking, crates, bulldozers and excavators. If you thought there’s nothing more to know about the fact that it’s a process of tearing down a structure, here’s a look at some interesting facts you may not know about demolition.


When you think of demolition, the first visual that comes to mind is that of explosives and wrecking balls. However, these contraptions are rarely used these days. Most of the demolition work involves deconstructing the building where the building is dismantled carefully to salvage materials. This way, the valuable materials could be reused in other projects.

Preservation of historical buildings

Demolition is not just about removing a structure. Not always! If you thought demolition companies simply tear down historic structures, think again. On the contrary, demolition companies are often hired to assist with protecting historical buildings. In such cases, the inside of a historic structure is torn down while the floors and other parts are removed. The exterior of the building is retained as it is, which entails a lot of planning and careful execution.

Recycling is big

If you thought demolition is all about tearing down a property, you will be surprised to know how much can be recycled and reused from demolishing a property. From windows and appliances to cabinets and doors, if there’s anything that’s in a reasonably good condition, then it can be reused and recycled.


A lot of people tend to believe that demolition usually overcrowds landfills with lots and lots of debris. On the contrary, the demolition industry has been salvaging building materials even before recycling became a popular thing. Did you know that two-thirds of steel production in the USA comes from salvaged steel?


A common misconception is that demolition is an expensive project. The reality is that demolition usually costs not more than 2% of the cost of replacing a building. In fact, when you take in to account the money you can recoup by recycling and reusing the materials salvaged from the demolition job, you will be able to break even the demolition cost, and many times, even make a profit.

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