Demolition is often the only option left when an old, dilapidated building is no longer safe for use or has been abandoned. It is best to hire a professional demolition company for the job as they have a team of experts who are experienced in this sector.

Demolition of a building involves several jobs including salvaging, disposing and recycling materials wherever possible. Understandably, several factors affect the total cost of demolition and in many cases, demolition can be quite expensive.

It is always better to know the total cost of the entire demolition process (with or without any hidden charges) before you undertake the project.

Size of the Structure

The first factor that determines the cost of a demolition project is, of course, the size of the structure you want to demolish. Demolishing larger structures will call for more equipment, labourers and man-days when compared to demolishing smaller structures.

Materials Used in the Structure

All buildings are not made of the same material. Some are made predominantly of wood, others use concrete while yet other homes may have stone-work or metal in the structure. The cost of demolition will depend on such factors too as it is easier to demolish wooden structures as compared to concrete or metal frameworks.

Removing Toxic Materials

If you want to demolish a really old building that has hazardous materials such as asbestos, the costs will escalate further. Removing these hazardous materials requires appropriate tools, safety gear, trained technicians and a planned approach. This is because there are clear rules and regulations about removing and disposing of hazardous materials, which any professional company will always adhere to.

Clearing and Disposing of Debris

Proper clearing and disposal of debris is an integral part of a demolition process. The workers won’t just leave without removing the rubble once the structure has been demolished. Proper removal and disposal of rubble is essential to lessen the hazards of accident or injury. So the cost of removing the debris is another factor to consider. Further, remember that the amount and type of rubble to be disposed of is another factor that determines the final demolition cost.

Cost of Permits

Often, special permits are required to legally demolish structures in certain areas of the city or town. In such cases, the demolition company will pass on the cost of obtaining such permits to you.

We hope that this has helped you to get a clearer understanding of the costs involved in demolition. If you would like a quote from us for your project, please get in touch