The construction industry has recently undergone changes to ensure that they meet the ever-growing consumer demands of ecofriendly housing designs and energy efficient constructions. There are numerous ways in which the construction industry is creating more environmentally friendly homes and with the advances in modern building techniques, the options for affordable ecofriendly homes are increasing rapidly.

Some of the ways that the construction industry has become more eco-conscious is through the design of their homes such as the installation of triple glazed energy efficient windows, the use of recycled materials, the installation of solar panels and the fitting of water and energy reducing appliances.

It’s not only the design of the homes that are becoming more eco-aware, home constructions are also becoming more environmentally conscious, with construction companies including an Environmental Management System (EMS) to follow in each project they undergo. The Environmental Management System outlines the importance of recycling as much by-product as possible and it highlights the importance of reducing the carbon footprint on any project. The EMS also reinstates the importance of using sustainable building materials where possible and emphasises the use of minimal chemicals, and the importance of using machinery that emit less toxins.

Some of the benefits of environmentally friendly housing includes the reduced cost in water and energy bills, reduced wastage, the conservation of natural resources and improved air and water quality. Also, there is a high housing demand for eco-friendly homes and going green can add value to your property, with some homeowners who add sustainable features to their renovations or building projects adding tens of thousands of dollars to their properties value.

It’s not only residential homes that are increasingly going green, it is also becoming increasingly popular for large commercial buildings, hospitals, unit blocks and large retail centres to be more environmentally aware, in fact according to the Australian Trade Commission, over 20% of Australia’s CBD office spaces are now considered green.

Dig it Civil understands that the environment is of the upmost importance ensuring future generations will have the same quality of life we enjoy currently. We have a proven Environmental Management System to ensure that all our work practices minimise any negative effects on the environment and we use best work practices to ensure that we are a sustainable business with the environment top of mind in all projects and work we complete.