Six kilometres of sandstone lie under Sydney, so it’s no surprise that many landscaping or construction projects involve some Rock Sawing, Hammering and Rock Breaking. It’s something we’re very good at and we have the best equipment available. Our Diamond Tipped Rock Saws have high quality rock hammer attachments, augers, grabs and buckets, and get the job done quickly and efficiently. There’s no hanging around while we switch attachments on our excavators either. It’s a swift change over operation as our hammers and rock grinders fit all our machines.

Asphalt, granite, reinforced concrete or sandstone – it makes no difference to us. We’re able not only to excavate no matter what the conditions but can do it with precision. Not only do the diamond tipped blades in our rock saws cut accurately but they also do it smoothly and with as little noise or vibration as possible, which is great if we’re working in sensitive areas or heritage sites. If you’re looking for a naturally weathered appearance to freshly excavated rock, our rock grinder is the perfect tool.

We are so accurate when excavating that we can work around small electrical conduits, buried fibre optic cables, pressure sewers and sub-soil drainage.

Thanks to this equipment and our expertise and many years’ experience we are Sydney’s go-to company for Bulk and Detailed Excavation in both residential and commercial projects requiring cut and fill, site levelling, final trimming and detailed excavations needed for beams, footings, piers and trenches in any part of a construction site. We don’t just break up rock, we also remove material no longer needed for the project with our fleet of trucks which can each carry 30 tonne loads.

You need to know what you’re doing if you’re jackhammering, rock sawing or breaking for a delicate water feature. We do! Our experience comes in very useful when clients and government bodies require work done for Civil Construction and Landscaping projects like minor road works or the construction of car parks, retaining walls or systems. The equipment is heavy, large and robust but our team is able to wield it as if it’s a fine precision scalpel and can create detailed excavations when required; excavations for asphalt, concrete or gravel driveways, car parks, curbs, fire pits, footpaths, gutters, patios, retaining walls, walkways and water features.

Another of our specialist services is Swimming Pool Excavations. From splash pools to lap pools, whether concrete or fibreglass, we can excavate and install your dream pool. We work within the allocated space, no matter how large or small that area is. Jackhammers, rock breaking and sawing are destructive operations, but our modus operandi creates minimal impact.

When it comes to Demolition and Asbestos, we have a Restricted Demolition Licence and a strict policy which we work by. Seven days before beginning any project we notify WorkCover and only when we have their stamped approval, and that of the local council, will we begin work. Asbestos is dangerous to have in your home or in a building, especially when it’s disturbed in a way that produces asbestos fibre containing dust. Dig It will ensure that the removal, packaging, transport, and disposal of any asbestos is done safely.

At Dig It, we listen to our clients and help them make informed decisions. That way we can ensure our projects match your personal wishes, budget and time frame. Our services can be contracted or hired by the hour, day, or truck load and are available 24-hours! We offer a free quote for each and every project with an accurate account of expected costs.

As you can see, Dig It provides a large range of services for both residential and commercial projects. To find out how we can help you, contact us for a free detailed quote and site visit on 1800 344 448 or 0400 306 219.

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