When tearing down walls and structures, it should come as no surprise that demolitions are dangerous work. If you’re planning to knock down part or all of your building, be sure to enlist the help of us here at DIG IT.

While there are many important practices to keep in mind, prevention is always the most effective in minimising the risks of harm. With safety as our top priority, we’ve put together a collection of the most important points to consider before you begin demolition work.

Preparations and Precautions

Risk assessments: Before you start work, conduct a risk assessment. By choosing an experienced and trusted demolitions team, your risk assessment will comprehensively analyse the demolition process, hazardous and waste materials, asbestos risks and more. You’re able to effectively prepare once you’ve considered all risks.

Induction training: Does your team have a thorough understanding of the demolition project, timeline and process? Arrange induction training to be sure that all personnel on site are equipped with safety and accident prevention techniques.

Prepare a demolition plan: Include the demolition method, safety measures and any environmental damage. Aim to consider and prepare for all possible hazards that may arise during your demolition.

Notify people affected: Anyone affected by your demolition works, like neighbours or employees on site, should be notified of the plans and time-frame.

Minimising Hazards and Risks

Demolition sites are full of hazards, powerful equipment and dangerous materials. Carelessness and oversights in demolitions, and on any construction site, can lead to a range of injuries. Incidents like head trauma, cave ins, cuts, breaks, strains and even life-threatening injuries aren’t uncommon when planning is overlooked.

Reduce the risk of accidents by providing hard hats, gloves and masks to all personnel. Brace ceilings and walkways, ensure proper fencing and signage and verify that all team members on site thoroughly understand safety protocols.

Demolition Checklist

There are no second chances when it comes to safety, so proper preparation and planning is critical to minimise risks of damage and harm. We always recommend working with an experienced demolition professional who is able to provide your demolition project with added expertise and experience. Before you begin any work on your demolition, be sure you’ve completed the following checklist:

-Turn off all utilities

-Designate an area for debris and set up debris systems

-Plan to begin with the top floor

  • -Brace floors and walls
  • -Remove ornamental stonework
  • -Inspect safety gear, machinery and equipment
  • -Ensure operators are fully trained and knowledgeable
  • -Disseminate demolition plans to all personnel

As established demolition NSW professionals, we specialise in the thorough assessment, preparation, planning and execution of demolitions of all sizes across Sydney. With extensive experience in carrying out successful demolitions, our professionals work with you to consider all potential risks and hazards.

For a smooth and safe demolition, chat with the demolition experts at DIG IT.