When tackling a concrete patio demolition project, be sure to have a good understanding of how much it will cost, how it's done, and who to hire to get it done properly. Having a grasp on all of this will reduce headaches and make the process much smoother.

Deep-set cracks and unevenness are two of the biggest reasons people give for wanting to remove concrete.

Once you know you're ready to move forward with the patio demolition project, questions and concerns may pop up before and during the work...

What steps do I take before removing a concrete patio?

Once the concrete removal contractor is selected, the work can get started. But first, make sure the proper precautions are in place:

  • Protect siding and windows with plywood to prevent airborne concrete chunks from doing damage
  • Take some "before" photos (as well as photos during and after)
  • Make sure any necessary permits are obtained and posted (if necessary)
  • Check with utility companies to make sure there aren't any gas lines beneath the patio's surface
  • Alert your neighbors of the impending concrete removal

Once you and your contractor take the necessary safety steps, it's time to remove your concrete. 

How is a concrete patio removed? 

The contractor will likely use a concrete cutting saw in cases where the patio is not being completely removed, just reduced in size. This method helps prevent the surrounding patio from cracking. For total demo, the contractor will opt for tools such as saws and jackhammers to break up the patio into manageable chunks until the concrete slab is gone. The chunks of concrete can then be loaded into a dumpster or dump trailer and hauled away to the nearest recycling facility or landfill.

Who should I hire to remove my concrete patio?

Concrete removal projects require heavy machinery and can have unforeseen problems, like hidden rebar inside the concrete, so we only recommend removing concrete yourself if you have experience doing so.

How much does it cost to remove a concrete patio?

The overall cost of your project will likely depend on a number of factors:

  • Size of the patio
  • Accessiblity for heavy machinery (if necessary)
  • What you're building in its place
  • Location
  • The contractor or company hired for the work

How long does it take to remove a concrete patio?

On average, it takes less than one day to remove a concrete patio. Of course, your exact project timeline will depend on a number of factors, just like the ones that affect your project's cost. (The longer your project takes, generally the more expensive it will be.)

Is a permit required when removing a concrete patio?

It depends on the local rules and regulations governing demolition projects. Some municipalities require a permit for the demolition work, while some simply require a permit for dumping concrete.

To make sure you're following the necessary protocol, reach out to your local Building Department. Discuss the permitting process with prospective contractors, as well.

When is the best time to remove a concrete patio?

The ideal weather for removing concrete is dry and temperate. Of course, things can't always happen in the ideal setting, so do the best you can to plan your concrete removal around the time of year that best fits this description.

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