A pre-demolition audit allows professionals to assess the non-hazardous materials that require removal from the structure and calculate their potential value. Some of these materials may be recyclable or reusable in the building’s renovation while others may need to be disposed of in the appropriate fashion. Another purpose for this type of audit, though, is to identify hazardous materials in order to plan the necessary removal and disposal methods for them. Any partial or total demolition calls for one of these audits and certain types of internal strip-outs may also merit one. In addition, local building regulations can mandate the execution of these audits before the demolition can proceed. We listed five of the top benefits of performing pre-demolition audits below:

Allows You to Assess Which Non-Hazardous Materials Are Reusable

With the help of the pre-demolition audit, you can assess all the non-hazardous materials that you need to remove from your structure. Many times, these materials are reusable or at least, recyclable. As a result, they should not be disposed of in a landfill.

Identifies All Hazardous Materials

An audit prior to a demolition also discovers any hazardous materials that may require special removal and disposal methods. Asbestos is just one example of these materials.

Helps You Comply with Regulations

Local authorities may require that a pre-demolition audit be performed before a demolition or an interior strip-out can proceed. Failure to comply with this regulation can delay your projects.

Reduces Waste

Since this type of audit allows you to analyse which materials are reusable or recyclable, it helps reduce the waste that your demolition produces. In this day of conservation efforts, this makes the audit an eco-friendly step to take with all demolitions and interior strip-outs.

Lowers the Cost of Demolition in Some Cases

Due to the fact that you can earn money on many, if not all, of the recyclables, you lower the cost of the interior strip-out or demolition by performing this audit. As a result, your project will put less of a strain on your budget.

Performing a Pre-Demolition Audit Helps You Organise Your Project Efficiently

One benefit of performing this type of audit that is overlooked many times is the fact that it helps you organise your project more effectively and efficiently. It allows you to make plans for unexpected issues, especially when it comes to hazardous materials.

For additional information about a pre-demolition audit and when to perform one, contact us at DIG IT. We have the expertise to not only perform this type of audit but also all forms of demolitions and interior strip-outs. We would love to help with your next project.