Partial demolition is selective in nature since it only removes certain parts of a building instead of the entire structure. It often is necessary before a remodelling project can begin to ensure that it comes to fruition properly. Careful planning is necessary for this since the professionals will need to remove walls and other elements without negatively affecting the support of the entire structure or ruining the integrity of plumbing, electrical and cable systems. This is where a partial or selective demolition differs from a full one.

What Are Partial Demolitions?

Selective demolitions deal with removing a single wall or a fraction of the building instead of gutting or removing an entire structure. Professionals who perform them need to have an in-depth knowledge of the components in the building to ensure that by removing one area, the structural integrity does not suffer in other areas of the building. They also need to safeguard the surrounding area to ensure that no damage happens there. Also, the plumbing, cable or electrical systems may call for rerouting before the partial demolition can proceed without issue.

Examples of When Selective Demolitions Are Necessary

If you are in a quandary about what type of demolition that you may require for your building project, the following are some examples of when selective demolition may be necessary:

  •  - Enlarging an existing room may only need partial demolishing to occur to clear a wall that divides two rooms. You need to remember that this is not a job for novices since certain walls are load-bearing ones and provide the building with stability.
  • - Adding extensions is another reason for turning to selective demolition in order to remove an exterior wall so that the old and new parts of the building will flow smoothly together. Roof areas may also be included in this.
  •  - Updating specific areas of the building is a third reason a partial demolition may be necessary. Maybe you just need to bring one area of the building up to current codes or install the latest in cable for a better functioning Internet connection.
  •  - Partial or selective demolition may also be necessary to replace defective plumbing. Many times, leaks and/or poorly made pipes are the reason for this.

For further facts about partial demolition, and where and when it needs to be performed, contact DIG IT. We are experts in demolishing all types of structures from homes to commercial buildings. Our crews will skillfully perform their jobs and clear all of the debris from the area in order to prepare your site for a renovation or new construction project.