New Work Horses in the Dig It Stable

  • Published: Monday, 15 June 2015
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New Work Horses in the Dig It Stable

We’ve acquired four exciting new thoroughbreds in our equipment stable: the Posi Track 50 (PT50), the 5T Excavator, the 8T Excavator and the 30 Tonne Truck & Dog. These are the best machines on the market. Other than the Truck & Dog, which can only be hired with an operator, the machines can be hired with or without an operator and are another reason why Dig It is the premier excavation service in Sydney.

PT50 – Posi Track 50

This nifty mid-sized track loader’s suspended undercarriage technology not only gives operators as comfortable a ride as possible, but also distributes its operating weight evenly down to 3.5 pounds per square inch of ground pressure. As well as not tearing up the terrain, this machine moves quite quickly even when pulling loads. This nippy machine is a very cost-effective excavation tool for all clients; it’s light on its feet and performs like a champion in all terrains. The totally enclosed air-conditioned cab allows the operator to keep going no matter what the weather conditions. Its load-sensing hydraulic system prevents engine stalls, which is always useful. So are the reverse camera and the emergency stop button - great safety features!

5T Excavator

Three things make this piece of equipment one of the best we have; it’s eco-friendly, has a new hammer and zero swing. One doesn’t usually think of 5 tonne excavators as being eco-friendly, but this piece of machinery is and that’s because it’s very fuel efficient. The ECO-MODE fuel button drops the machine’s engine to its lowest RPMs if it hasn’t been operating for 5 to 10 seconds, saving fuel and reducing emissions - good news for the client and the environment.

The 5T Excavator operates in confined spaces. All it needs is enough room to fit its two metre width and it’s good to go as it has zero tail swing and never swings outside its axis. It can dig down to just over four metres and its new RAMMER hammer pounds its way through rock and sandstone as well as other materials. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also top-of-the-range. We provide only the best and most reputable equipment.

8T Excavator

Working in all weathers and terrains is what makes us the best in the business. We have to have equipment that allows us to keep doing that. The midi-digger 8T Excavator has a fully enclosed cabin so the weather can do its worst and we’ll still be there! This powerful, modern machine can dig below four metres thanks to its brand new RAMMER Hammer, its exceptional reach and zero swing. It can handle a working load of over 600 kg. It’s equipped with the client-favourite safety feature, an emergency stop button, and also has a reverse camera.

The 30 Tonne Truck & Dog

Unlike other trucks, which can be incredibly slow, our 30 tonner has a powerful V8 engine. Our clients love the fact that this results in swift and efficient travel time, getting the job done quicker than an average truck. Its power also gives the vehicle the exceptional strength it needs when pulling heavy loads, saving client time and money. Thanks to its ability to use a percentage of AdBlue, it’s also an eco-friendly powerhouse. This clear, non-toxic, safe to handle, high-purity urea and demineralised water solution dramatically reduces diesel exhaust emissions.

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