December 2017
National Safe Work Month.

Dig It, along-side Safe Work Australia, celebrated National Safe Work Month this month. National Safe Work month is an initiative sponsored by Safe Work Australia, recognising that the construction industry is one of Australia’s highest risk industries for injuries and accidents. Dig It in conjunction with Safe Work Australia took this opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to building a safe and healthy workplace for all our staff, customers and workers.


Over the past four years, around 30,000 workers were injured on NSW construction sites because of unsafe work practices. At Dig It we’re dedicated to decreasing workplace injuries and increasing awareness of health and safety issues in the construction industry. We have illustrated our commitment to this by, spending this month revaluating and reassessing our Occupational Health and Safety standards, increasing our onsite training, reviewing our policies and procedures and ensuring our staff are as informed and continually educated in the potential hazards of each unique worksite as possible. We’re especially diligent when it comes to high risk work such as demolition and asbestos removal and have a comprehensive safety management plan for all our sites.

In order to prevent some of the potential health and safety hazards on work sites Dig It work closely with Safe Work Australia to:-

  • Minimise risks on site by informing all staff about how to safely lift and operate machinery.
  • Ensure all staff have new protective equipment.
  • Provide regular health checks for our staff.
  • Arrange for all staff have up-to-date relevant licences and
  • We provide onsite management that are always available to answer any questions.

The rate of worker fatalities has reduced by 49% since its peak in 2007 and Dig It is dedicated to continuing to see this decline. If you would like to learn more about Work Safe Australia go to or for more information about Dig It and how we support the health and safety of our clients and staff call us today on 1800 344 448