Many people believe in numerous myths and misconceptions about demolition when they do not have firsthand knowledge of the industry. If you are part of this group, you need to understand that there is a lot more to demolishing a building than you may think. It requires in-depth knowledge and planning to accomplish demolitions in the proper fashion. Below, we debunk some of the misconceptions and myths about demolition to help you become educated on this topic.

Misconception: Demolition Is All about Blowing up Buildings

The truth is that only about one percent of all demolitions are the implosion type where explosives are used to accomplish the job. Many demolitions are done with special techniques and equipment, and not explosives.

Myth: The Results of Demolition Are Harmful to the Environment

Another myth about demolition that some people believe is that the results of demolition are bad for the environment. The fact is that demolition companies today use approved methods for removing and disposing of toxic elements, such as asbestos, in a safe manner. Also, they recycle as much of the debris that they can to keep it out of the landfills.

Misconception: Anyone Can Tear Down a Building

A huge misconception is that it does not take any particular skills to demolish a structure in the right way when the exact opposite is true. Demolition crews need to know very specific skills and techniques along with being able to operate sophisticated equipment to perform their jobs.

Myth: Demolition Companies Are Using Antiquated Techniques and Equipment

This myth is wrong because equipment and techniques used in demolition are ever-changing and improving. Innovations are made all the time in this industry.

Misconception: Performing Demolition Is Dangerous

On top of the above myths and misconceptions about demolition, many believe that it is a highly dangerous process. However, when the right techniques, equipment, knowledge and skills are present on the job site, demolition is extremely safe to perform.

Myth: Demolition Is Expensive

Often times, the cost of demolition is under two percent of the cost of replacing the building with another structure. In addition, the results are more satisfactory by removing the old structure in many cases.

Misconception: Demolition Destroys Many Historic Buildings

Demolition contractors actually are responsible for many preservation projects of historic buildings. Typically, many of these buildings only require partial demolition to refurbish them.

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