Industry News | Check a Licence

Everybody loves an invention, a new app or a gadget of some kind to make life easier, right?

Well the NSW Government are helping our industry out by having implemented a register of high risk work licence holders, asbestos & demolition licence holders, as well as general construction induction training card holders. This register came about following an amendment to the WHS Regulation in December 2017.

The register has been designed to make managing a business easier by allowing businesses and consumers to check the validity of workers’ licences/cards and make informed decisions regarding contractors they are looking to hire.

As of 31 May 2018, the register now includes:

  • the licence/card holder’s name
  • licence number and type
  • licence status, the licence expiry date (if any)
  • licence conditions
  • prosecution summaries and information about any penalty notices issued in connection with the licence

(Note: Only the penalty notices issued to licence holders by SafeWork NSW on or after 1 July 2018 will be published on the register and a person can request to have their information suppressed by demonstrating that its publication would be unfairly prejudicial or impact their personal safety or well-being).

The final policy for publishing penalty notice will be made available on the SafeWork Website on the 18 June 2018.

The draft SafeWork policy for the publishing of penalty notices is available for public comment. You can send your comments via by 8 June 2018.