In need of a truck and driver for hire?

  • Published: Sunday, 4 December 2016
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In need of a truck and driver for hire?

Whether you are in need of a truck for removing rubbish, clearing demolition waste or unloading soil and aggregates, DIG IT has the right truck for you!

With the option of a truck and driver for hire or just simply a truck (providing you are licenced to operate it yourself), we can assist you quickly and easily with any job you have in mind, AND can dispose of the waste for you, saving you the time and trouble!

If you are unsure of the type and size of truck you require, then our professional staff are on hand to offer advice and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What does a standard tipper truck look like?

A standard tipper truck consists of a chassis with a dump body mounted to the frame of the vehicle. The open-box bed is hinged to the back of the truck and is operated by a hydraulic ram which lifts the box to tip the materials.

Our range of trucks

Aside from the standard tipper truck, we have various other trucks available in our fleet to suit any job, whether it be residential or commercial.

  • 3.5 tonne truck hire – given the small size of this truck (2m wide x 2.1m high), it is frequently used on residential sites given that most of these sites have restricted access (narrow side entrances, laneways, limited back yards space, etc.)
  • 6 tonne truck hire – again the size of this truck (just 2.4m wide x 3m high) lends itself to residential use but would naturally be able to hold a larger volume of materials than the 3.5 tonne.
  • 11 tonne bogie truck hire – this is more of an ‘all-rounder’ truck. Largely used on commercial sites due to the space available and with a capacity to hold an 11 tonne payload, it can remove larger quantities of materials, which you would naturally find on a commercial site, more efficiently and in less time.
  • 30 tonne truck and dog hire – a commercially used truck due to its large size (2.5m wide x 3.7m high). With the capacity to hold a 30 tonne payload, this truck is ideal for building sites.

Why choose Dig It?

With an ever-increasing amount of truck hire companies around, why choose Dig It for your project?

  • With our expanding fleet of modern steel-bodied trucks, we are fully set up to manage residential as well as commercial projects of all sizes.
  • All tipper trucks for hire are licenced and fully serviced on a regular basis, to give you the highest quality and most reliable service.
  • We use modern weight gauges to accurately measure the loads of each tipper truck and ensure they comply with government regulations.
  • We use electric tarps that cover the load so that our drivers (or your drivers) do not have to manually cover or uncover the waste on site.
  • Our tipper trucks also feature GPS tracking devices, which maximise efficiency and automatically record materials that have been excavated and moved.

With many years of experience and knowledge behind us, we know that preparation before a job is absolutely key. As they say ‘failing to prepare, is preparing to fail’. Check out our ‘Things to Consider’ list that may help you when planning truck hire for your project.

For a quick and easy truck and driver for hire or truck only quote, just complete the online form here.