Demolishing your home can be a stressful time but by using these helpful tips, you can ensure that you're prepared and that 'D day' will go as smoothly as possible.

Move your contents to storage

Before any demolition work begins, big or small, it’s time to get your valuables out of there. Arrange storage in an off-site facility and rest assured that no matter what happens, your contents will be safe.

Check your insurance

While ensuring that any contractor you use has adequate insurance, it’s also important to check your own home insurance policy. By law you are required to disclose changes of circumstances that could affect your insurance, so it is worthwhile calling up your insurer and informing them of your intention to carry out a demolition.

Better to be safe than be in a position where your public liability cover is voided in the event of an injury, or where a burst water pipe causes significant damage to neighbouring properties, leaving you with legal liability exposure.

Arrange alternative accommodation

Before demolition begins, ensure you have arranged suitable alternative accommodation. You may have another property to reside in, or you may wish to rentshare or board with family or friends. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s all planned out well in advance of demo day.

Reuse old materials

Before you bring in the wrecking ball, consider whether any materials can be reused for your new property. For example, you may wish to retain the old pavers for an outdoor patio, or keep some well-established garden plants.

Indoors, you may want to keep some of the cornices or skirting boards for reuse, or even the internal and external doors – after all, it’s amazing what a coat of fresh paint can do. Remember, a saving here and there can add up to thousands of dollars in savings in total.

Make a profit from unwanted goods

If your kitchen, bathtub, vanity, clothesline or laundry benches are in relatively good nick, consider putting them up for sale. This has the added benefit of having the items removed from your premises by someone else without paying demolition or tip fees. You can advertise for free on Facebook groups or via Gumtree; alternatively, try the local newspaper and community boards.

Similarly, now is a good time to consider a spring clean of your home contents. Host a garage sale and you might even make a small profit from your unwanted goods.

With these practical tips, your demolition day is bound to be the start of your next exciting venture. 

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