Most people are fine with construction works in and around their neighbourhoods. However, most like to know the who, the why, the what and the when of what's going on next door and it will work in your favour to share this information with them to avoid any potential conflict. After all, you would probably want to know if it were the other way around.

One of the best ways to inform neighbours of your plans is by posting a letter explaining your intentions of demolishing your house and outline the time frame and basics of the demolition process. Include information on the letter such as:

  • - The estimated start and end time of the demolition process.
  • - The number of working hours per day.
  • - The days the contractors will be on site.
  • - Let them know if and when large machinery and vehicles are expected.
  • - Include contact details for your neighbours to get in touch with you and the contractor if they require more information.

People are more tolerant to the noise if they know when to expect it. With advanced warning your neighbours may feel less irritated with all the dust, noise and traffic of the demolition process.


Site Safety

If demolition is set over the school holidays and your neighbours are worried about their children sneaking on to the premises and causing havoc, ensure them that your contractor uses fencing. This should just reassure them and give them a peace of mind knowing that the site is safe.


Your neighbours may be concerned about asbestos. Even if you're unsure about the asbestos lurking within your home, your demolition company will more than likely find some during the stripping and demolition process.  It's important to just let your neighbours know that the demolition company is licensed to safety remove and dispose of any asbestos that they find.


Your Neighbours may have concerns around possible boundary damages. For example, they may worry that you're shared fencing is vulnerable to damage or if you have trees close to the fence line that need to be removed.

It’s best to ask your demolition specialist what may happen to the fence if the trees need to be removed. However, it's an idea to let your neighbours know that you will cover repair or replacement costs.

Dust & Noise

Dust & noise can be very irritating for your neighbours. However, let them know well in advance that your demolition specialists will have control measures in place to reduce both the dust and noise and that they can discuss any concerns with you and your contractor.

Here at DIG IT, we are professionals when it comes to demolition and we can guide you through the entire process, including help with any questions your neighbours may have. If you would like more information, please get in touch.