Many times, home renovations require partial or full demolitions to ensure that the ideal results can come to fruition in a satisfactory, quality fashion. Homeowners need to be certain to include the cost of the demolition services into their total budgetary allowance for their specific refurbishments to understand whether or not they can truly afford to proceed with their renovations. Here, we share with you some factors that will determine the residential demolition cost of your house.

Size and Complexity of the House

The size of the house is a major influence in the cost of demolition, as does the complexity of it. A large house with multiple floors costs far more to demolish than one that is single story and is small in size, such as a starter home. Luxury mansions will cost a hefty amount to demolish, especially if they need a full-blown one.

Will Asbestos Removal Be Necessary?

In older homes, asbestos may be an issue in demolition that will cost you additional funds. It has to be removed and disposed of in a specialised manner to not cause health problems for all involved, including you, your family and the workmen who are performing the demolition.

Type of Demolition Debris

If your house is stone or brick, it will cost more to demolish than if it is timber or siding. This is due to the fact that it will take more time and effort to clear the debris away with brick or stone.

Whether or Not the Crew Members Need to Demolish the Foundation

Another determining factor of the cost of a residential demolition is whether or not the crew members need to demolish the foundation along with the rest of the house. There are many times when the foundation is fine or only part of the house needs demolition rather than the entire structure.

Accessibility to the House

Accessibility to the house is another determining factor on the demolition cost. After all, the various pieces of equipment that the workmen need to use should be able to move freely on the site. When special measures are necessary to access the house, they come with a price tag.

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