So, you’ve found an amazing location that you would like to call home. The neighbourhood is safe, the neighbours are pleasant, and the views are captivating. There is only one issue — the house on the property isn’t ideal. Whether it isn’t the layout you had hoped for or you really didn’t see yourself renovating an older structure, the house is the biggest variable in the equation of your decision to move to this location. While you’d love to just build a new house on this spot, demolishing the existing house seems a touch drastic. In this piece, we’re going to attempt to help you decide whether to employ house demolition or home renovation.

Option 1: Home Renovation

While living in an older house may seem quaint and a great way to maintain the historic integrity of a neighbourhood, there are many built-in costs that some home buyers may not realise exist. For older homes, the first cost of maintaining an older house is energy efficiency...or lack thereof. Whether you’re retrofitting a home with an efficient HVAC system and energy efficient windows or just paying more of inefficiency, it’s expensive. Maintaining lower quality building materials such as wood siding can add up as well. On the other side of this coin, some more historic homes can end up being a good return on investment as those looking to buy historic homes will typically overlook problem areas as they are drawn to the unique details. Another detail to consider in this instance is whether or not a new build would detract from the historical authenticity of the neighbourhood.

Option 2: House Demolition

If the only variable from holding you back from buying a particular property is the house with a few other issues, the demolition of the house may be on the cards. While some feel that the demolition of an entire house sounds rather drastic, it’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds. A house demolition professional can typically demolish and remove a house in less time and for less money than one would think. Some of the advantages of simply starting fresh would be (a) not having to maintain outdated building material, (b) increased home efficiency and (c) a more customised design. While seeing a piece of history removed from existence can seem downright bizarre, sometimes a house demolition is what is necessary to obtain a place you can truly call “home” on your ideal property.

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