Demolition is a project many people would want to avoid if they could. However, sometimes a portion of an existing building or the entire building itself becomes too dangerous for use. Or you may want to change the layout of a certain part or incorporate new areas, which makes demolition unavoidable.

Demolition is a highly dangerous project that is best left to the experts. Inappropriate demolition carried out by hiring a few men can have serious consequences both for you and the men you hire which can include:


Worker injury is one of the most common mishaps that occur when demolition is not carried out correctly. It is not uncommon for workers to fall off from heights when the demolition project is not handled by professional contractors.

The right equipment such as sturdy scaffolding, strong harness and helmets are mandatory to ensure complete worker safety. Professional demolition companies do the best they can to prevent such accidents. They are fully covered by liability insurance to cover for such unfortunate incidents.


When demolition is handled improperly in an unplanned manner, there is every chance that a chunk of the building can collapse suddenly. This is due to the lack of adequate supporting materials or proper understanding of the entire structure.

At DIG IT CIVIL, we specialise in demolition and we always evaluate the entire structure and use appropriate supporting materials to ensure that a particular portion doesn’t cave in suddenly. Safety is our upmost priority.


When demolition work is going on, it is common for debris to fall around. Some are small and harmless but most are large enough to injure workers and passers-by. Reputed demolition companies always use covered scaffolding to ensure that the debris falls directly to the ground within a particular area instead of falling off all over.


Before a demolition project commences, it is crucial for you to completely cut off all supply lines such as electricity, gas, telephone and water. When these are not disconnected properly, workers can suffer from burn injuries or be exposed to gas or even trip over live telephone wires. Here at DIG IT, we can help you to contact the necessary companies in order to ensure that everything is cut off prior to work commencing. 


When demolition is carried out by laymen, there is always the chance of them getting bitten by rodents or pests that hide in the ceilings and corners. These can lead to rabies and other disease apart from the fact that such dirty areas can affect the general health of the workers. It is important that your contractor carry first aid equipment and be prepared for any such instances and know what to do in this situations.

DIG IT CIVIL are experienced demolition and excavation contractors with a wealth of skills and knowledge so that we are fully confident to help with your project from start to finish. Get in touch with us today and we would be happy to discuss with you.