Modern day excavators are very versatile. They’re often multifunctional and multipurpose coming in different shapes, sizes and attachments depending on the particular requirements of your job. So how do you decide which excavator is right for your needs?

Excavators come in two different varieties; with tracks, and with wheels. If your project takes place on relatively flat ground with a hard surface such as concrete, or is located indoors, then the wheeled excavator is ideal. It has the kind of mobility and speed that suits this environment. The track excavator is more suited to difficult environments, such as uneven surfaces and hills, as it provides more grip and stability.

Our excavators come in various sizes from 1.5 Tonnes to 30 Tonnes and choosing the right one for you depends on the size of the site, access, volume of earth and type of soil or rock in your excavation project.

We have used compact excavators for various private residential work from digging out trenches for landscaping to clearing out a private garden area to accommodate a pool. They’re also ideal for the demolition of small-scale work such as sheds, flattening land for landscaping, removing large tree stumps, digging irrigation ditches and a wide range of other projects that require a compact vehicle yet the power of a large machine.

The compact excavators although they are compact and small in frame, they are still very powerful, capable of digging through the toughest of rock, and loading large trucks for removal from site. The smaller frame bod, narrow or adjustable tracks and compact counter weight are perfect for fitting into the tight, narrow, awkward spaces that can often be found in residential spaces.

If you’re still unsure which excavator suits your needs our team of qualified experts are happy to discuss your project in detail, to make sure you hire the right machine for your project. We have a huge range of equipment, staff and attachments to suit all projects so contact Ron today on 0400 306 219 or 1800 344 448.