Building sites notoriously create lots of waste; building rubble including broken concrete, brick and asphalt; VENM - which is uncontaminated, chemically stable, virgin excavated natural material; and GSW, also known as hard fill or general solid waste - both putrescible (liable to decay) and non-putrescible varieties. All of this material needs to be removed from the site and disposed of safely. And that’s where we can help. We not only hire out the best trucks in the business but can also dispose of all of these waste types.

We are justly proud of our regularly serviced and maintained, modern, steel-bodied and constantly expanding fleet. At the moment our fleet consists of a 3.5 tonne tipper, a 6 tonne tipper, a 30 tonne truck and dog, an 11 tonne Bogie Tipper and Quad Dog. If your site is small or your project is only going to result in small amounts of waste, then the 11 tonne Bogie Tipper and Quad Dog are perfect for your needs. It can carry an 11 tonne payload, and is only 3.7m high and 2.5m wide. The 11 tonne Bogie Tipper is the smallest truck to which the Quad Dog can be attached.

The Quad dog, with its 4 axles, is bigger than a tri-axle truck and can carry larger loads. The normal tri-axle truck can only carry 18.5 tonnes, whereas the Quad Dog trailer can take 2 tonnes more. The 4 axles also make it easier to reverse and delivers a better on-road towing experience. Along with a Dolly Lock, the Quad Dog is packed with modern safety features. To be able to hire the 11 tonne Bogie Tipper and Quad Dog you need to have a Heavy Combination Licence.

The New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has very specific rules about what can be considered waste and how and where that waste is disposed. Waste from work sites is normally taken to the bigger sites at Benedicts in Banksmeadow, Bingo in St Peters and Boral.

Our waste removal fees include truck hire and tip fees, as well as the per-load or per-tonne fee. They also include government tax and the EPA levy.

Our trucks and dogs are available during normal working hours: Monday to Friday 6.00am to 5.00pm and Saturday 7.00am to 2.00pm. Contact us today on 1800 344 448 for the best in truck haulage and waste disposal service in New South Wales.

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