Excavation Equipment & Hire

  • Published: Friday, 2 September 2016
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Excavation Equipment & Hire

Do you have an excavation project in your sights? Unsure of which Excavation Equipment you require? Whether it be residential, commercial or industrial, DIG ITs extensive fleet of specialist plant and equipment hire could be just what you need and the team here are ready and waiting to advise you accordingly!

How can DIG IT help?

Dig It offers excavator hire to all areas of Sydney for residential as well as commercial projects. Our modern excavators range from 1.7 to 30 tonnes in size and are ideal for:

  • Bulk and detailed excavation
  • Civil construction and landscaping
  • Swimming pool excavation
  • Demolition and asbestos removal
  • Rock sawing and jack hammering for rock excavation
  • Piering and piling

Which machine is right for me?

Excavators are popular machines used in construction and other civil engineering however it is not a case of ‘one size fits all’. Although the machines basically serve the same purpose of digging out soil from the ground, they are different in shape, size and functionality, therefore the correct machine needs to be chosen for your project.

We have eight different size excavators in the Dig It fleet, the smallest being the 1.7 tonne and the PT30 Posi Track. Both are ideal for tight access job locations with a narrow track width of 1 metre on the 1.7 tonne and a track width of 1.25 metre on the PT30. These machines can also be easily craned into any deep excavated site when required.

Our larger machines are the 24 and 30 tonne excavators which are ideal for bulk earthwork and large commercial demolition projects; providing the ability to dig to beyond 6 metres.

Machine reliability

Naturally, you will want reliability from any machine that you hire from us. As all of our excavators are serviced at 250 hour intervals, as per the manufacturers specifications, this ensures 100% performance at all times. We won’t let you down!

New to the fleet

We pride ourselves on supplying the most powerful, well maintained excavation equipment that there is so with this in mind, we have recently added a 5.5 tonne tight tail swing excavator to our fleet. Engineered with the power to maximise digging and lifting performance, it also delivers minimised noise, vibration and fuel consumption. This machine is suitable for use in narrow spaces; projects include drainage trenches, pool excavations and building footings. The 5.5 tonne excavator comes with the following attachments: full bucket kit, shaker bucket, ripper, hammer and saw attachment. What more could you want!

Why DIG IT is the right choice for your excavating needs

  • A quality service delivered in the most efficient and professional manner to ensure full customer satisfaction
  • 100% machine reliability
  • Operators that are fully compliant and have VOC or Statement of Attainments to operate machines
  • A team of experts that are available 24/7 to support you with professional advice, including a free site inspection to ensure the excavator and operator we deliver are right for the job

To find out more about how we can help you, contact us on 1800 344 448 for advice as well as a free detailed quote and site visit.

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