At a recent job, we were surprised to see a lot of clothing left behind by the previous tenants who seem to have left in a bit of a hurry! Mindful of reducing our environmental footprint and not wanting them to go to landfill we enlisted the help of a great company called Clothing Clean Up. They will come and collect unwanted clothes free of charge and send them to people in need, mostly in 3rd world countries or they are recycled and given a new life! Plus you can book as many collections as you would like!

Australians dispose of 600kgs of clothing every minute, which is equal to the weight of almost 8 people. This makes us the second largest consumer of textiles in the world. Only 15% of all unwanted clothes are given a new life or recycled properly, meaning the majority is thrown away to landfill.

Clothing Clean Up are committed to reducing the environmental footprint. Using their Clothing Cleanup service, you can help reduce the amount of textile waste that gets sent to landfill every year.

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