This July, an average of 11,181 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer. Dig It Civil are dedicated to reducing these numbers, and will sponsor, participate and support Dry July to raise funds for people affected by cancer.

It’s not only cancer support and awareness, Dig It Civil are supportive of everyone having a month off alcohol as it has great health benefits, such as sleeping better, having more energy, weight loss and increased mental health and focus.

Funds raised through Dry July go towards cancer support organisations across Australia. Dry July helps improve patient comfort, care and wellbeing, wellness programs, transport to and from treatment facilities and accommodation for cancer patients and their families.

Dry July has been in operation for over 6 years, with over 65,000 participants raising over $15 million dollars across Australia and New Zealand. If you’d like to support Dig It Civil in raising funds for this year’s Dry July visit our page

DIG IT Civil is committed to supporting local charities, we are a socially responsible business dedicated to giving back to the community.