Construction Tickets & Licences | What you need to know

The main ticket that people talk about when referring to the Construction Industry is the “White Card” which is awarded following general construction induction training. This is an extremely important ticket and you cannot work on a construction site in NSW without one.

There are however, a whole range of other tickets and licences that may be required in Sydney depending on the work being carried out. We thought we'd help you out by outlining below some of these tickets and how you can obtain them.

Demolition Licence: 

As demolition work can be potentially dangerous, it requires a licence, of which there are two types available; a demolition licence and a restricted demolition licence. The demolition licence allows you to demolish any building, structure or installation over 15 metres in height. The Restricted Demolition Licence allows the demolition of structures between four and 15 metres in height involving mechanical demolition such as using excavators, bulldozers or cranes.  There are additional factors applicable to both licences that have not been mentioned above.

Asbestos Removal Ticket:

There are three different classes of asbestos removal tickets – asbestos awareness, remove non-friable asbestos and supervise the removal of asbestos.  If you are working with, or near asbestos, you will be required to hold at least one of these tickets. The asbestos removal course will teach you how to identify if asbestos is present in materials and will allow you to remove less than 10m2 of non-friable asbestos. To remove more than this amount, the removal of non-friable asbestos ticket is required and if there are larger asbestos removal projects then it is required that there is somebody that holds an Asbestos Removal Supervisors ticket present.  

High Risk Work Licences:

These are a group of licences that allow people to perform high risk work. The types of jobs deemed as high risk include scaffolding, rigging, dogging, operating cranes, hoists, reach stackers, forklifts and pressure equipment.

Confined Space Entry Ticket:

This ticket is required for exactly what it says – working within confined spaces. These spaces are either fully enclosed or just partially enclosed (examples include tunnels, sewers and trenches). Either way, this ticket is a necessary one to have if you wish to carry out this type of work.

Working at Heights Ticket:

All workers who conduct or supervise tasks whilst at a height, say on elevated work platforms or scaffolding, are required to obtain this ticket. When working at heights there are a variety of different risks and situations associated with this that need to be taken into account. These risks include the dropping of tools and equipment as well as falls from these heights which is actually a leading cause of death and injury in Australia.  

Elevated Work Platforms Ticket:

This ticket is known as the EWP – Elevated Work Platforms and is divided into two different types; one for over 11 metres and one for under 11 metres. The under 11 metre ticket allows you to operate scissor lifts, a vertical lift and a boom lift (please note that to operate a boom lift over 11 metres will require addition training).

Traffic Controller Cards:

There are two different courses and cards available. The Traffic Controller Course (previously known as the blue ticket) and the Traffic Management Course (previously known as the yellow ticket). Both are generally one-day courses. The Traffic Controller course will allow you to direct traffic flow around a site whereas the Traffic Management Course will allow you to plan for traffic movement and ensure it is up to safety standards. Many companies these days require both cards.

How do I obtain these Tickets & Licences?

There is an abundance of training providers around Sydney that you can approach in order to obtain one of these tickets or licences. Possibly the best starting place would be the SafeWork website which has a search engine of approved providers.

If after you have obtained the relevant licences and are looking for a great company to work for, then why not give us a shout! You can refer to the vacancies page on our website for details or alternatively just drop us a line at or 1800 344 448.