6 tips to making your backyard pool ready this summer

  • Published: Thursday, 10 August 2017
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6 tips on getting your backyard pool ready

1. Make sure that the area has no unexpected barriers underground.

Make sure that the area has no unexpected barriers underground, for example rock, pipes, tree roots, ground water or sewage lines. From a budget perspective when excavating, these unexpected barriers often cause monetary and time blowouts so they’re best to be aware of them prior to digging. The best way to prepare for excavation is to contact Dial-Before-You-Dig for an assessment, as soon as you have decided where you’d like to put your swimming pool. Dial-Before-You-Dig is a free national referral service that can highlight any major underground issues, prior to construction.

2. How long a pool takes to complete depends on numerous factors.

How long it takes to complete the pool depends on numerous factors such as the shape of the pool, the type of ground material, site accessibility, weather and the pool size or anticipated pool size. We will give you a time frame when we start construction and keep you informed every step of the way.

3. You will need DA approval from your local council

Before you start, if you’re building your pool in NSW you will need to have a Development Approval from your local council and be registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register, in compliance with the Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012.  As a pool owner, you're also required to carry out a self-assessment of your pool and to advise if it meets the relevant pool safety standards and of course don’t forget your pool safety fencing!

4. Dig It Civil can remove all the excavated waste for you

Dig It Civil can remove all the excavated waste for you, but it’s best to advise us prior to start of construction so we can quote you accurately, alternatively we can move the excess soil to an area of your property that you desire.  We can also demolish your old pool while cutting the shape for the new one, to help you save time and stay on budget.

5. The Dig It Civil pool cost estimator will give you an estimate on the cost before you start

Before you start our pool quote cost estimator will give you an estimate on how much your pool area will cost to excavate. http://www.digitcontracting.com.au/services/pool-excavation.htm We can then make arrangements with you to carry out a free site visit and subsequently provide a formal quote. Just be aware you will need to factor in other costs such as lighting, landscaping, spa jets, plumbing, steps, filtering systems, cleaning and heating/cooling units and the actual pool itself as they will add a further cost to your project.

6. Dig It Civil has a wide range of excavators ideal for all different situations.

If your proposed pool is less than 1.2 meters from the boundary of your property or from the property itself, you may find that we will need to use our smallest excavator, in order to avoid potential damage to the home or surrounding structures. Dig It Civil has a wide range of excavators to suit all different situations, ideal for small access areas and wet soil. We specialise in difficult sites with restricted access and have built swimming pools in confined areas with limited access. We love a challenge.

If you require further assistance Dig It Civil are more than willing to help by answering any questions about your pool project. Call us anytime on 1800 344 448 or email us on info@digitcontracting.com.au