Many homeowners, faced with life changing circumstances, find themselves up against the problem of their house just not being the right fit anymore.

For instance, they’re not sure whether to remedy the situation with a move, a renovation or a complete knockdown rebuild, (KDR).

It can be a confusing choice for homeowners. After all, no one wants to make a mistake with their biggest asset.

That’s why, here at DIG IT, we want to share with you the top five reasons why we believe the knockdown rebuild SMASHES the alternatives: 

1. Cost Effective.

Price will always be one of the most important factors for many homeowners.

However, it’s true that each alternative comes with its own set of costs and we believe the KDR is the best value for money.

Selling and re-buying will cost home owners many thousands of dollars in taxes and real estate agent’s fees.

These are expenses that can be eliminated with a renovation or KDR. Whilst a complete rebuild may, at first, seem the costlier option, this isn’t always the case.

Once a house is built every part of it has a life expectancy—paint might last around 5 years, a shingled roof around 20 years, central air-condition around a decade.

What this means is that as your house increases in age you will inevitably be looking at replacing significant parts of it.

This can become quite costly when several repairs need to be made in a short amount of time. Having to repair gutters and a roof at the same time for example, could be a huge setback.

The choices involved in getting a roofing, guttering or any other job done just by itself can be burdensome. With a KDR, everything is new.

2. Love Your Neighbours – And Your Schools, Doctor, Dentist and Facilities.

Aside from the savings, many people choose to renovate or KDR over moving because they’ve formed attachments to the area.

Their street might put on great parties and their kids have plenty of friends. However, if the bunk beds are stacked to the ceiling and the paint is flaking from the walls, what better way to retain all the benefits of your neighbourly baby-sitting club and lawn mower run, while growing your home from two bedrooms to five, than a beautiful knockdown rebuild.

3. No Nasty Surprises

When the choice comes down to renovations versus a knock down rebuild, it’s fair to say, KDR’s are relatively surprise free when it comes to hidden expenses.

Furthermore, this is because most problems that could arise can be foreseen, allowing the homeowner to budget accordingly. The same can’t be said for renovations.

Even after budgeting for a home inspection to check for structural damage, additional problems leading to budget blowouts can be encountered once renovations are underway.

Old homes can often equate to leaky pipes, faulty electrical’ s and hidden asbestos. Further, finding the right types of materials to prepare the structural damage, or modernise an old home to make it more energy efficient can be a complicated and labour-intensive process.

4. Adding Value

If you require more room for your growing family, or would like to be able to spread out, it is worth considering whether all your needs and desired improvements can be contained within, or at least, made to match the footprint and style of your old home.

Too often extensions and renovations can turn out looking a bit like Frankenstein’s monster—a little from this style, a little from that, and a bit of hope thrown in. If you do decide to sell your home down the track, such a house will not fetch the dollars you’ve put in.

Unsightly renovations aside, people can usually tell the age of a home and tend to predict problems and make choices based on that age. A knock down rebuild on the other hand will be designed and built from scratch, delivering your brand-new dream home with the added benefit of thousands of dollars of value added to your property.

5. Fresh start

When you make the choice to knockdown and rebuild, you are, in essence, resetting the physical properties of the house, giving you the peace and comfort that comes with a new home.

Not only that, but generally, newer houses are easier and cheaper to look after. Appliances, floors, walls and cupboards are all sparkly and new. There is also a much lower risk of termite infestation or mould build up from unseen water leakage.

Furthermore, the modern materials used to build new homes tend to be more energy efficient and therefore, cheaper to live in. All of this leads to a fresh new start when you choose to knockdown and rebuild your home.

Don’t get weighed down by the time or cost it takes to demolish your old home. At DIG IT, we try our very best to make the process of demolishing your old home as smooth as possible. Please get in touch for more information.