Demolishing your old house to remodel or build a new home is a big deal! Both financially and emotionally. To have a reliable and trustworthy demolition contractor on board therefore, can alleviate some of the worry that surrounds such a tall undertaking and will give you the assurance you need that an expert job will be carried out.

Here are some things to consider when seeking out a demolition contractor that will work with your best interests in mind.


This is often the initial and safest way to find out the authenticity of a demolition company. Ask for customer referrals. Talk to the customers first hand or visit their premises to get to know the quality of work of that particular company.

You could also view the company’s website, social media pages and online reviews.

Valid Credentials

Companies need to have a licence to carry out demolition. These licences vary with location. Your local governmental authority is a good place to start, to understand the type of licencing you need to look for in a demolition company.

Also, check that the company has insurance. Companies with insurance protect you in case of property damage or an employee accident on site.


You want a company with experience! By viewing their website, you should be able to gage how long they have been in the industry and what their specialisation is; whether it be more towards home demolition or that of industrial. Alternatively, just ask. Any reputable demolition company will happily chat through their experience with you, what their specialities are and their knowledge of the industry in general. Additionally, it would be good to know if the company has worked in your area before as their existing experience of the geographical layout, building materials etc. will be of added value.

Initial Consultation

By having photos available of your home that you want to be demolished, will help when having an initial chat with any demolition company. Show them these pictures and find out what the demolition service has to say. They will be able to talk you through the demolition process and the options around salvaging materials wherever possible.  You may wish to use recycle these materials for your new home.

Is the Demolition Contractor Willing to Give Everything in Writing?

It is essential to have every aspect of your home demolition project – from initial quote or proposal to a contract of work – in writing. A respectable and trustworthy company will always be willing to document everything.

It is worth doing your research to find the right professional for your particular job and one that you feel confident and at ease with. Even if it delays your ideal time-frame somewhat, spend time finding a company that understands your needs and vision and one that will make the process as smooth as possible for you.