When you hire a demolition company, you’re probably thinking about destroying it all so you can get to the rebuild. But the truth is that some older buildings may contain salvageable items that can be repurposed in projects and other buildings on your property.

You can even have the demolition company notified that you want to salvage items so they can take steps to avoid totally destroying the entire building. Here are four of the items you should consider salvaging and repurposing before and during the demolition process.


Reclaimed wood is likely one of the easiest items to salvage during building demolition. Reclaimed wood has several benefits for various projects including flooring projects and siding. Two of the leading benefits of using reclaimed wood, especially for flooring, is its durability and unique characteristics.

If you decide to salvage wood for reclaimed wood projects, however, you should do two things first: make sure the wood is actually solid wood and have a building inspection done to confirm that the wood in your building can be used as reclaimed wood.


When you tour older buildings, especially ones more than one hundred years old, you will find vastly different hardware and fixtures than in modern homes. This is due in part to the materials used (mostly brass and copper) as well as the artistic quality and designs on the fixtures and hardware themselves. This type of salvage can offer you several benefits in remodelling, renovating and crafting projects.

One of the leading benefits of using demolition-salvaged hardware and fixtures is the ability to give your project a true vintage feel. Keep in mind that most vintage homes were not a standard size, which means that some of the fixtures were not standard as well. Having these salvaged hardware pieces, like doorknobs and even kick plates, can give that old-world vintage appeal that modern parts may not.


You may not think of roofing shingles as being something to salvage. But the truth is that asphalt shingles may be an ideal item to salvage during a demolition. Asphalt shingles can currently be recycled into different materials for building projects. This makes them a sustainable option for many contractors and building companies.

The asphalt shingles don't have to be in great shape. In fact, they are primarily recycled during the end of their life cycle. They are sent to various recycling companies and can even be used as fuel in kilns used for cement purposes. They can also be used in garden pathways and weed stoppers in gardens.


You may not think of foundation and chimney bricks when you look at salvaging items during a demolition. But if you are looking to repurpose items from the demolished building, bricks may be an ideal option. They offer a ready-made building material for outdoor and indoor items as well as ideal landscaping material.

Bricks that are taken from foundation areas and chimneys can be cleaned and used to build outdoor fire pits, brick-based outdoor grills, walkways, patios, and garden walls. Keep in mind that even broken bricks can be used to fill in areas in gardens or placed at the end of guttering runoffs to help filter rainwater and keep water from pooling in the area.

If you know of items that you want to salvage from your scheduled demolition, let one of our team at DIG IT know. We can help you with pricing, scheduling, and with possible salvaging techniques to get the most items out of the building. We can also help with removal of the salvaged items if necessary. Get in touch with us for more information.